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Our Story

It started with a swipe.


New York City, April 25th, 2019.

The air was damp with the smell of fresh spring rain; a day filled with sunshowers.

As the work day was reaching its end, the excitement and nerves started to become more palpable. Anisha and Richard had been messaging back and forth for the past week and finally planned to go on a date!

They were set to meet at Bryant Park and go from there. The Wafels and Dinges, being an easy enough landmark to find, was the perfect meeting point. As the time to meet reached and passed, both were confused thinking the other had stood them up. Little did they know, the way they stood, their backs were facing each other!


A quick message cleared everything up and they turned around spotting each other immediately.

Anisha's emerald green coat and bright red boots should have been obvious but the nerves got the best of both of them!


After a good laugh and official introductions, they headed off to Hell's Kitchen to a cozy bar to grab a drink and chat. Walking through a light drizzle and sunshine, the pair hit it off immediately, a connection forming before their very eyes.

From their Samsung phone and tech obsessions to life stories, they talked till dark, hesitant to end their date but anticipating the next.


This was the beginning of their story together.


As the years went by, many fun and interesting dates were had. Wandering the city and exploring new foods, spending the day at VRWorld, and even their first anniversary being virtual! Almost five years of laughter, exploration, and companionship are what make Richard and Anisha's love story so beautiful.


Some may say "Five years?! They've been together for so long! Why didn't they get married earlier?!"

The answer: 2024 being their 5 year anniversary, a leap year, and the year of the dragon? Love finds its way and the stars will always align for true love.

The Proposal


After over four years filled with many twists and turns in life and working through them together, the time was now. But before we get to that part, let's give you a little backstory...


In the early chapters of their relationship, Anisha and Richard were on a date exploring the piers of Brooklyn. They walked all day coming across a park movie night, food festivals, and soccer games. They finally made their way to the last pier and sat down on THE bench. They took their time to rest, gazing at the water and Manhattan in front of them. Anisha, wanting to look at the stars above them, laid her head on Richard's lap. She pointed at different ones playing a game to figure out which were stars and which were planes.

Looking up at the face above, his warm smile and loving eyes gazing back. A butterfly fluttering through Anisha's heart, she realized she was in love.



...Richard realized this was the spot, this was the one. He, with the help of family and friends, planned the most perfect proposal possible. Richard made sure to have Anisha think she was going to brunch with a friend (the best man) who just so happened to be late. Even having that friend sell the story the weekend before!


As they made their way to Brooklyn they chatted about their other weekend plans, the sky being the perfect shade of blue, and the 'plans' their families had that weekend.

They reached their destination and made their way to the brunch spot they were going to meet up at.

"Wait isn't that the bench we had sat on that one date?" Anisha asked. "What a coincidence!" She was truly clueless.

They both sat down, reminiscing. After a long and sappy savoring of the moment, Richard got up, heart beating out of his chest with arms weak, and asked Anisha to marry him. With no hesitation, she of course said YES!

After having a moment to themselves, from behind them their families and friends appeared further expanding the love and happiness in the air!


And here we are today, looking forward to the moment we officially declare our love in front of all of the people we love and care for, YOU, our family and friends!


Thank you for being a part of our love story!


Anisha & Richard's
Love Story

April 25, 2019

Our First Date

Bryant Park


October 31, 2019

Halloween Party


December 20, 2019

Rockefeller Christmas Tree


January 23, 2020

First Chinese New Year 2020 at Rich's Parents


August 24, 2021

Connecticut Trip


July 23, 2022

Akira's Gotcha Day!


October 18, 2022

Comic Con


May 13, 2023



July 8, 2023

Rooftop Bar


November 18, 2023

KBBQ Dinner


February 19, 2024

Rich's first time in India


July 25, 2019

Brooklyn date


December 13, 2019

Anisha's Office Holiday Party


Jan 16, 2020

Bahamas Cruise Trip


April 26, 2021

Anisha's 25th Birthday in her New Home and our 2 year anniversary


December 12, 2021

Putting up Christmas Decorations


October 2, 2022

Box Seats for NFL Game at Metlife Stadium


December 26, 2022

Holiday Escape Room


July 2, 2023

July 4th Weekend Cookout


August 19, 2023

The Proposal 𓏌


January 27, 2024

Claw Machine Adventures


To be continued...

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